About Me:

Hey I'm Karl Lee.  I am a photographer and social media fanatic. Originally from Ireland I am now based in Alberta Canada.

I have a passion for landscape photography and for capturing the magic moments that happen in the outdoors. My work involves anything from photographing adventures in the back country or automotive work in the mountains or simply creating content for your apparel brand in the city. As a lover of the outdoors my photography has been a platform that has enabled me to travel to a number of beautiful locations and tell your story through my camera.

Living in Alberta means I am very close to the Rocky Mountains and very close to the famous mountain town of Banff.  I am lucky to live so close to such amazing and varied landscapes.

Commercial and Event Photography:

My services are available for both commercial photography (automotive, corporate, restaurants, bars, retail outlets etc) and event photography. If you are interested in hiring me for these services then email me at karl@karlleephoto.com

Purchase Photos:

If you are interested in purchasing any of my prints for your home or as a gift, then some are available to purchase from my shop. If you don’t see the image that you are looking for, please feel free to email me at karl@karlleephoto.com and we can arrange for it to be added.

Licensing/Use of Photos:

If you wish to use my photos in a publication, for promotional activities or for any other purpose then please ask by emailing me at the address above.

All images copyright (c) Karl Lee.  All rights reserved. No unauthorised use.


Copyright Karl Lee. All rights reserved. 

Some of the companies that I have worked with.

Some of the companies that I have worked with.