The Polar Express


The Polar Express

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When planning pays off! I had planned this shot for some time. Every year there is great hype around the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train and photographers from all across Canada go out to try and capture that special shot. This year when the schedule was released I noticed that it would be heading from Banff to Golden which meant it had to pass Morants Curve. A very famous viewpoint in the Canadian Rockies where people also come in the hopes of catching a train passing by. I set a reminder to make sure and give myself every opportunity of capturing the train passing Morants Curve. On the night before I asked in a local group on Facebook if the train was still in town or had it left that night and I was told it had already departed town. In the hope that this person was wrong I still made the drive out to Banff to check for myself, and the train was still there at 8am. Now the only issue was it was snowing. I stuck around Banff for an hour or more and waited for the train to leave. The sky started to clear up and I drove towards Morants Curve. When I arrived I was greeted with this magical scene. The snowfall overnight and in the early morning made for a picture perfect scene, all I needed was the CP Holiday Train to roll through. Not ten minutes had passed by when I could hear the noise in the distance. As the train rolled around that bend I felt for those few moments that I was in a world of my own. I was so excited that my planning had paid off, I didn’t listen to that person that said the train had left the night before and I didn’t give up hope when I drove out into a snow storm. It couldn’t have worked out better.

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